Mushrooms for a Healthy Body

Mushrooms are a flavorful treat that come in a great variety of textures and tastes for your baby, and you, to enjoy.

Here are a few words of caution about mushrooms, information about their healthy benefits, and a few ideas for serving them.

When it comes to mushrooms, stick to what you can buy in a store. Mushrooms are a fungus, an organism that feeds on organic material, and they can grow just about anywhere.

There are plenty of types of mushrooms in the wild that will make you very sick, but the mushrooms sold in your grocery store or farmers market won’t be one of them.

There is no strict recommendation from medical organizations or the government against eating mushrooms, once babies start eating solid food. Many organic, healthy eating, and parenting websites suggest waiting until children are about 10 to 12 months old before introducing mushrooms into their diet. Some pediatricians and natural food experts recommend always cooking mushrooms before eating them, especially for children.

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