Make Your Own Bean Soup Mix

Bean soup mix is so tasty and healthy. It is such a hearty soup with all the different beans that make it colourful and every bite different. While there are specific packages of mixed dry beans for soup, I actually like to make my own mix. I buy beans either from the bulk store or buy bagged beans of each kind that I want in the mix.

15 bean soup mix by Hurst Beans is quite popular and you can make your own, whether it has 10 beans like this recipe, or more. This dry bean soup mix is excellent for making soup in a large pot on the stovetop, slow cooker or pressure cooker (yay Instant Pot).

Now, be prepared, if making soup with these beans in a slow cooker or on the stovetop, it is necessary to soak the beans overnight in water. The great things about making soup in an electric pressure cooker is that it is not necessary to soak the beans ahead. They can go right into the pot with the rest of the ingredients.

Normally, I make bean soup with a ham bone, but it is also great with bacon or even as a vegetarian soup!There are so many different types of beans that you can use and there are options beyond what is even in this recipe. Here are a bunch of beans/peas that work great. Feel free to mix any blend or your favourite dry beans.

Some people also like to add rice and/or barley to their soup mix. I prefer to keep it separate from the bean mix that I store in the pantry. If I desire to add rice or barley to a soup that I am making, I will add some then to the pot with the bean mix.

I measure out equal amounts of each type of bean. I like to store a large amount in my pantry so I usually double this recipe and that amount fits perfectly in the airtight container I store the beans in. Then, they are ready anytime I want to make some soup.

This bean mix is also great as a gift. Measure out equal amounts into mason jars or other gift container. It is also nice to include a recipe that works with the exact amount of beans you have in the jar for them.

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